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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Open Book

I was tagged by Deepa Ramakrishnan at a time when I was still fresh into blogs and tryin to figure out what this open book stuff is all about. I hope I've got it right..

So books that I would love to read...Im the kind of reader who reads a book once and never again. Of course there are those awful text books that I need to keep reading againand again and again. Thank god this has nothing to do with it.

Cider House Rules- John Irving- a lovely book on the life of an orphan who refuses to leave, a doctor who performs abortions and loves ether...a girl whom he falls in love with....

No.1 ladies Detective agency- Alexandar McCall Smith- A charming book about a woman who starts a detective agency in Africa

The Guide- R.K. Narayan- a classic for sure!!

Da Vinci Code- Dan Brown- everyone knows what this is about

Doctors- Erich Segal- a really long and lovely story.. the kind for which no ending is good enough.

Love in the time of Cholera- Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hope you will experience the same joy I got out of these books when I read them...

Saturday, June 18, 2005

'Anniyan'- Vikram all the way!

Its hard to say what drives anyone to see a movie when its first out...some people love the thrill in watching it first, others take a more analytical approach and wait to watch what others have to say about it. Let me tell you- Anniyan is one movie where you dont have to wait for a second person’s opinion to decide to watch it.

Its hard to call it a Shankar movie or a Vikram movie- the grandeur that accompanies a Shankar pic is there in every shot and the effort that Vikram has put in as an actor is very very evident as well. I think this is a role even Kamal might have found to be a stretch,

I’m now an hour fresh out of Anniyan with the opening song- Sukumari running in the background and tryin to think of where to start about the movie. Anniyan is a typical Shankar story with one man out to correct the world (ya right! like its gonna happen!)

Ramanujam is a typical Iyengar and is awfully religious, dotes his parents, loves a girl (Sada) but cant express his love for her since he thinks of it as violating his principles. Imagine, a guy giving a love letter to the girl's parents and telling them to give it to her IF they think his action is correct. (the heights of being an absolute goodie goodie!)

Vivek plays the role of Ramanujam’s friend and comes up with very clean and laudable humour. He plays a policeman trying to investigate a series of murders taking place.
(You won’t get a prize for guessing that Anniyan is responsible for these murders)

Ramanujam is a lawyer and is affectionately called Rules Ramanujam. He believes in upholding every rule in the book.Then again, the world is anticlockwise, cars drive in reverse (metaphorically of course) - in short the world isn’t as ideal as he wants it to be.

He resorts to legal ways to seek justice but always fails in every venture of his. It’s not long before Shankar ties up Anniyan and Ramanujam Its the old idea of a website (oh, by the way the website doesn't really exist- I even tried accessing it) and Ramanujam puts up his grievance. It is at this point that the viewer thinks - Oh boy, typical Four students, Ramana et al. kind of movie. Well lets accept it…. The world has very few stories in it and Shankar picked one from the lot.

Now lets move on, Anniyan obviously reads the post and murders the guy who commited the crime. The killings are gruesome and one wonders what the theme behind the killings is. Prakash Raj plays a police officer, to whom Vivek is assistant, investigates the case.

At this point there is a little ice I need to break- dont worry this isnt a high point of the movie- Anniyan and Ramanujam are actually the same person and well there’s one more charecter that enters the soup bowl called Remo. Vikram suffers from multiple personality disorder. Now our innocent Ramanujam loves Sada but Sada does not like an 'amanji' like Ramanujam and wants some one more interesting and someone who would sweep her off her feet. Enter Remo, a ramp walk model dancing with Yana Gupta, and she’s already in love.

So the story moves in this fashion with Remo loving Sada, Ramanujam struggling in court (of course Sada ditches him) and Anniyan killing people by some gruesome method.

The story line is already failing with Anniyan being excessively strong (he beats up a hundred guys at one stroke- u wont believe it even if you watch it) There is also another scene where, Anniyan calls everyone to Nehru stadium and tells them about how India is in a pathetic condition. Inspite of a zillion police officers guarding the stadium our man escapes (unbeliveable again….but this is a Shankar movie). Ramanujam can’t obviously carry the rest of the movie and Remo is one chumma charecter.

So now what does Shankar do?

Well Im struggling to write this review since I’m not sure how much to reveal but trust me I haven’t spoken much at all.

I think I will stop here by saying that at his point where the movie is falling apart Vikram does a tremendous job in holding it all together. Vikram is absolutely superb in all three charecters and it’s immensely exciting to watch him switch characters.

Obviously, in the end Sada marries Ramanujam and there is a happy ending...but is it the end? Watch it and find out for yourselves.

Would appreciate it if you got back to me about it...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

When Sundays are not really Sundays

Today is not really Sunday. I try to think of it as being a Monday or a uesday since it helps me sleep better. But then there is this thing called morning newspaper and its out there and waiting right at my doorspte for me to pick it up and say "Hey its sunday!" I love the Sunday magazine on Hindu, I love the morning coffee that goes with it et al.

Well today was not really that kind of a day..I got up awfully late. 10 I think was when I saw the clock. (people this is late by my standards) Anyways life these days has been a real drag ...
I put on the TV and hey there is this awesome Big Fight on NDTV. Advani was the scape goat. Poor guy is in such deep shit after his Pakistani adventure.

Then the clock moved clockwise unfortunately and then I found the time to be 1. I watched this movie called Keladi Kanmani which is Vasanth's directorial debut. It came for the billionth time on Raj TV. But then again its really worth it. There are so many aspects of the movie which showcase the directors ability to bring across the emotion and the moments. The movie is about a little girl who refuses to give way to another woman to take her dead mother's place and be a part of her fathers life. When she grows older and she rethinks her life, she is deperate to right her wrongs. Unfortunately fate stretches places its hand on the girl and she is fighting the odds against an illness that could nd her life. Ultimately the movies climax is how the father unites with the woman he loved and the consequence of the illness is left in a bunch of ellipses. A real tear jerker on thw whole.

Post movie watching was shopping...guess what the deal was! Shop for Rs. 100000 and get 10000 worth of stuff free. Obviously there is a catch The 10000 u get for free is brand restriucted but then I must admit that the stuff is pretty decent and if ur out to stretch the buck as far as it goes perhaps its worth it.

Anyways people on the cost note lemme end with:
That money talks/I'll not deny/I heard it once:/it said, "Goodbye."- Richard Armour