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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Paheli, Black and a blundering move for the Oscars

Does anyone ever value an opinion? But since opinions are a part of your identity Im gonna go ahead and write this. The choice of Paheli over Black. I am too passionate a 'Black' fan to be covinced of being plaigarised in any manner.
but I must of course admit that I havent seen Paheli but got the nuts and bolts of the story. The story was nothing short of a gimmick. A ghost in a love story seems very innovative but too far fetched considering that the ghost get Rani pregnant.
Love stories can go the extra mile twist around the corners, bend trees and fly faster than the speed of light...improbabilities are allowed but then arent these the limits?
let me give, what at the outset is a very biased and passionate claim for Black. It has a wonderful script- a touching tale spiced up excellently with spectacular cinematography and very moving background score. I am not embaressed to admit that I cried twice for the movie, inspite of, what I must admit, having a tame ending compared to the way it began.
But when a movie like Black gets so much right, the wrongs can be brushed under the carpet. In contrast Paheli is a movie with equally marvelling cinematography (obviously because they had the same cinematographer) but thats the only thing that they get right in the movie.
IF IN THE MOST IMPROBABLE OF SCENARIOS- PAHELI WINS AN OSCAR, it will be because the Americans might have never seen a movie like this! for one thing I would never want to! :D

I am a very disappointed fan but Im sure Sanjay Leela Bhansali can take happiness in the outrage that has come up as a consequence of this. I think the people's opinion matters more than any damn committee sitting either in India or the U of A.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

An unfinished blog

The hardest thing to do in life is to think of something to write… especially becomes a lot harder if you try to hope that people end up reading your blog. I still don’t know how that happens but what I do know is that some people write and others read.
I envy some writers that’s for sure…I wonder what really gives them the words to fit into each spot. Its as if the word was destined to be there.
What lines are these but those worthy of being immortalized when one says Beauty is truth and truth beauty.
Some of the poems that I posted on this blog are truly immortal in their own right.
Howver just like the unknown singer whom everyone tips a penny on the roads, these people pass by and get trampled upon…are like the slush after the rains that people hope to get rid off…of course my description is exaggerated and is in a style that is hardly suited for this kind of writing but hey where did all the good guys go?