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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Stem Cell Controversy

And then there was light.....well even God took his own sweet time to say that. Apoligies to those who saw empty pages in the shallow depths of my blog and passed by. For those who came back, the flower whose seed lay buried in those waters has bloomed and those who now come can feel the fragrance drift past.

The news surrounding Dr.Woo Suk Hwang proceeds at such a rapid pace thats its quite hard to keep track of the events that are unfolding. For those who are not familair with the controversy surrounding this issue...

Dr. Hwang had earlier announced the cloning of the first human embryo from which he extracted stem cells (Stem cells are useful for treating diseases like Parkinsons) He followed this up with the cloning of a dog- Snuppy!
To understand the magnitude of this, lets say this is like Brian Lara when he scored back to back centuries to singe handedly defeat the Australians in 1998 (a test series that became a draw but the innings went down as one of the best ever!)
So there it was- a sudden leap of Korea into main stream science, Dr. Hwang became a national hero and a possible Nobel in the future. Whew! The Americans were fairly frustrated as they felt that their research had not made as much progress thanks to the White house.

Then came the controversies, back to back, Lord of the rings Part 1 and Part 2....
1) Ethical concerns about how the ova for the experiments were acquired (ova from members of the lab were used which violates the international ethical codes for scientific experimentation)

2) A possibility for fabrication of results in a paper submitted to Science in June. (these charges are yet to be tested and proved)

Inspite of this, Dr. Hwang enjoys public support and he still stands by his results. Only time will tell what cruel diversions fate might take. Of course, the media will watch and so will we!

Interesting to note though, IF Dr. Hwang is proved wrong, California is apparently where the breakthrough might come from. Now isnt that convenient? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

*Sciam Blog(awesome reading to know how the plot unfolds)


  • hey! u know what...Dr.Hwang is the brother in law of a Visiting Scientist(Dr.Tae You) in my lab. Tae You just finished his "sabbatical" in our lab and left couple of weeks back. He was always non committal abt things going on.

    By Blogger Suhasni, at 6:21 PM  

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