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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Of traffic and lights

Some time ago I recall reading an incident about O. Henry where a reporter asks him where he gets his stories from. "Look around you. There are stories everywhere." He said. He then picked up a menu card at the restraunt and after giving it a glance said, "There is a story in this" and he wrote Springtime a la carte. A classic O. Henry story. I must have read it over a million times but it reading it again gives me that kind of cozy cuddly feeling...that the whole world is still in place...that life is still wonderful...that the world spins from west to east...that hope is indeed beautiful in spirit.

Today I bumped into this very nice story about traffic lights. Here's the link. It truly does reaffirm what O. Henry said. Perhaps traffic lights aren't what they seem!


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