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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another bout of freedom of speech

One of the things that I still do out here in the US (which I used to do in India) is to read the Hindu (we will not broach the subject of baths! That's already been done elsewhere in this blog)

One more article on the subject of freedom of speech. I find this article particularly interesting. One reason is that its written by Hasan Suroor , whose writing I enjoy. The other reason is that it treads on what I have written about in the previous entry. Double standards?

Here is an excerpt:

In two speeches during a visit to Austria in 1989, he called the Nazi gas chambers a "fairy tale" and made a series of other highly offensive remarks while dismissing the Holocaust of Jews. It was on the basis of warrants issued at the time that he was arrested last November when passing through Austria, and has now been jailed raising questions about the wisdom of what one critic described as "exhuming old corpses."

How do we become a more progressive and forward looking society? Accepting the multi culturalism amidst which we live is perhaps the first step. Can we be more consistent in the way we deal with issues and not let race blind us?


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