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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Awww shut up!

As most of you who came by must have noticed, this page is gathering cobwebs. I'm trying to dust them out but every time I try to clean them the spiders seem to still find a way. Any permanent solutions? Well right now my prioroties are about a certain exam that I have in about a month's time. It keep the butterflies in my stomach quite happy but well as you can see it does have some side effects. So sometime ago was a day when my age goes up by an integer number of years. Some one told me that there is actually a 1/400 factor that should also be included and hence its an integer only onece in something like every 400 years. Now if this didnt particularly make too much of sense you shouldnt bother too much about it. Its quite trivial and quite unimportant. Ouch! I hate redundancy. It's being like Srinath who is credited to have said "That was a wonderful cover drive through the covers' One would think he was stating quite the obvious! Well as far as the cricket goes I'm pretty sure the looming news of South Africa's victory is pretty much floating around and if it isnt it should be. I'm unhappy to have missed it. i'm hoping salvation might be just around the corner


  • did u say u hve missed the australia vs South Africa match...amazing.....but sad that u missed...n yeah srinath is really irritating as a commentator...would always prefer watching bowl...

    By Blogger Padma, at 1:12 AM  

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