Caught behind but not out!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


The one thing I was really disappointed about earlier this week was that I didn’t get to watch the South Africa- Australia game over at the Wanderers. A cricketing fan’s dream come true. A perennial flow of runs upto a gripping finish. Someone posted a nice highlight clip of the match and believe me its definitely worth watching. Inspite of knowing the outcome of the game, the magnitude of the total combined with a fantastic last over finish was truly an adrenaline rush.

But as I saw a game, a flurry of images went past me. The first thing was the South Africa- Australia game two World cups back. I was lucky enough to watch it and that was a helluva nail biter. Klusener had played brilliantly all the way, taken the team to the brink of victory only to be cheated by defeat. I still remember THE RUNOUT. Wow! I kept thinking- did South Africa play this game with vengance in mind? Perhaps this was the game when they gave back to Australia in full measure.

The second thought was Herschelle Gibbs at 175 who probably stood firm. Someone had to stay for the team to even dream of getting to a total in excess of 400. I thought of the match fixing allegations that he had to face. The truth behind them. It was nice that he has been able to rebuild his career following that nasty period. Sometimes careers simply fall apart after such incidents.

While I’m on the subject, I should mention some of the most exciting innings I have seen.
1. Brian Lara’s 155 against Australia to single handedly take W. Indies to victory
2. Chris Harris in the first mini world cup against Zimbabwae
3. VVS Laxman’s 280 against Australia

All these are fond memories indeed!


  • hey kau,
    great that u cleared the cobwebs...
    the semi-final you have written about was truly an exciting game. had seen it.and trust me, had the last laugh ofcourse after many years.

    By Blogger nishwish, at 4:28 AM  

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