Caught behind but not out!

Friday, July 07, 2006


Irreversible. A movie that I picked up with fear. It is a movie who's IMDB trivia would may you wary of watching it.

"The first 30 minutes of the film has a background noise with a frequency of 28Hz (low frequency, almost inaudible), similar to the noise produced by an earthquake. In humans, it causes nausea, sickness and vertigo. It was the main cause of people walking out of the theaters during the first part of the film in places like Cannes and San Sebastian. In fact, it was added with the purpose of getting this reaction." (IMDB trivia)

I think the director Gaspard Noe will be pretty pleased if I called the movie shocking or used adjectives like ugly. He would sleep in his grave knowing that his soul has served its purpose. However, that is what Irreversible is. The use of any other adjective would not only be flawed but would be far away from the truth. The movie proceeds in reverse chronological order just like others in its genre such as Memento. Its nice to note that it simply isnt a gimmick exploited to make viewers curious to watch the movie.

The movie starts of with a killing. Murder in its most brutal form and is best watched with eyes closed. Actually no, the movie starts off with Les temps detruit tout- Time destroys everything. As one watches it is inevitable that you try to question the murder. What prompted so much hatred? Rage? Anger? As a viewer, you are left in despair. The answer to 'why' is slowly unwrapped.

To go into the details of what the movie is about is superfluous considering some reviewers who have written about the movie (having been paid to write!)- Roger Ebert's review

What starts as a movie that is absolutely brutal evolves into something that provides reason for it and ends in happiness where you leave with a smile. Consider the same in proper time sequence....the end would be sheer disgust.
Time destroys everything. When the movie describes the events that lead up to the fateful moment you wonder how things would be if time were static. How would lives change if you could peek a few hours into the future? Time changes everything.

I made an interesting observation on Rotten tomatoes. The movie has an unfortunate 56% rating from critics. But that is something I would expect.

To me, it seems like the kind of movie that no one can be grey about. Unfortunately this movie does not give any more options than a chess board.